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New Music for Classic Banjo Commissioning Project 2018

Michael Nix


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-To develop a new repertoire for the modern seven-string classical banjo I have designed, which is strung with nylon strings and played finger style (incorporating down-stroke and other banjo playing techniques as well as any new music techniques that can be applied to the instrument).

 -To develop a modern repertoire for the traditional nylon strung five-string classical banjo. 

 -To develop new repertoire for other banjo related instruments, such as the six-string guitar banjo, and the traditional seven-string banjo in English tuning.

 -To premier and perform this new repertoire in festivals, conferences, concerts and other venues that facilitate promotion of modern seven, six and five string classic style banjo playing.

 -To record and release this new repertoire.

 -To develop repertoire of all levels from beginning etudes to virtuosic pieces.

 -To develop a repertoire of easy etudes, teaching aids, material suitable for method books to use as educational material to get players interested in this style of playing.

 To date there are four composers interested in this project for the 2018 season.

 Check back for information postings regarding composers and pieces as our plans come together. 

 If you are a composer interested in writing for New Classic Banjo,  you may obtain guidelines, instrument specifics from:

Michael Nix

New Classic Banjo Project


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