The sound of a vibrating plucked string stirs the depths of Michael Nix’s soul. Nix developed the 7-string Banjar to give voice to longings that he felt could best be expressed by crossing three instruments, the lute, the banjo, and the classical guitar, to establish a new, singularly recognizable musical voice. “It’s given me the freedom to become a creative artist, to go beyond being an interpretive artist.” Full article is here:  Jane_Kaufman_article.pdf” - Jane Kaufman

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Listeners will discover a shimmering versatility.  Full text here: bartoncovereview_.pdf” - Ritchie Davis

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Michael Nix is one of the most versitile, accomplished musicians living in our area. We don't have time to list all of his accomplishments... Full text: bartoncovereview_.pdf” - Sheryl Hunder

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Behold the Banjar Bob Paquette (2008-01-25) AMHERST, MA (WFCR) - Composer and Musician Michael Nix has invented the banjar. It's a cross between a 5-string banjo and a classical guitar. The Greenfield, Massachusetts resident says he created the instrument when he was searching for a sound that he couldn't find on a traditional banjo. © Copyright 2018, wfcr   Listen Here:” - Bob Paquette

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Michael Nix

Michael Nix performs on the seven-string classical Banjar, classical guitar, banjo, and mandolin; has recorded for the PBS series “American Experience”, several independent documentaries, numerous CD projects; and his compositions are performed internationally. His music has been heard “Weekend Edition”, and other NPR programs. A banjo innovator, Michael Nix designed the Banjar; a modern seven nylon string banjo combining elements of the five-string banjo and classical guitar; bringing the classic finger-style banjo of the late 1800's into the twenty first century.